Top Soil (AHS Pro-Range Topsoil) - DELIVERY FREE - 850kg Bulk Bag


AHS Pro Range Topsoil is a blended Multi-purpose planting loam high in organic matter and essential nutrients, the perfect structure and environment for plant life to thrive. AHS topsoil is free draining, screened to 10mm and has a pH between 6.5 and 7.5. It is ideal for using in the vegetable garden, growing fruits, flower beds, raised planters and containers. Complies to and meets the requirements of BS3882:2015.

850kg Bulk Bag



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AHS Pro Range Top Soil is a high quality sandy loam blended from selected sands and PAS100 Composts - Bulk Bag

Used throughout the UK by professional landscapers and gardeners this is the ideal soil for use all around your garden, the perfect soil for borders, vegetable gardens or grass seeding/ turf. We do not recommend this for use with creating wildflower areas.

Screened to 10mm and fully compliant and tested to BS3882:2015.

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